National Physical Laboratory

Sentinel-2 Radiometric Validation

Radiometric calibration is one of the key elements contributing to the quality of measurements acquired by optical EO sensors. Sentinel-2A (S2A), launched in June 2015, utilises an on-board diffuser for calibration as well as using data acquired over the ocean at night for the dark signal assessment. In addition, vicarious calibration techniques are available which have been developed over the last decades to validate and monitor the sensor radiometry.

The S2 radiometric validation project (funded through ESA SEOM) investigates the use of these vicarious methods for the S2A Multispectral Imager (MSI). NPL is developing a method for the use of the RadCalNet sites for the absolute calibration of S2A-MSI, as well as considering the potential transfer of calibration between medium and low resolution sensors using a larger site, e.g. one of the Pseudo Invariant Calibration (PICS) sites defined by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS).

Funding source: ESA

Contacts: Tracy Scanlon, Javier GorroƱo and Andrew Banks


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