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Quality Assurance for Essential Climate Variables (QA4ECV)

Project Dates: 2014 - 2017

Traceability chain for the GlobAlbedo product
Traceability chain for the GlobAlbedo product

QA4ECV will generate multi-decadal climate data records for three atmospheric ECV precursors and three land ECVs with full uncertainty metrics for each and every satellite measurement. The project will also focus on the development of multi-use tools and community reference standards, with the aim of implementing a prototype quality service.

NPL's role in QA4ECV includes the assessment and development of traceability through product processing algorithms, the development of a robust and community accepted quality service (which will include a series of best practice guides) and consideration of users' needs regarding product uncertainty information. NPL will also provide a training course towards the end of the project on uncertainty estimation for biophysical parameters.

Funding source: The European Union's Framework Programme 7 under FP7/2007-2013.

Contacts: Joanne Nightingale and Sarah Douglas

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