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Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget

Project Dates: 2014 - 2017

NPL provided the expertise and support equipment to determine the spectral response of the GERB (Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget) instrument, currently flying on Meteosat Second Generation, at Imperial College London. This amongst other measurements involved the transportation to Imperial of a large frame Kr+ laser and support equipment from NPL. This laser illuminated an integrating sphere to provide a few high accuracy monochromatic spectral radiance measurements of the GERB instrument and demonstrated the relative flexibility of the NLRF as a calibration tool.

The GERB series of instruments were calibrated in terms of absolute spectral radiance using sources specifically designed and calibrated at NPL. The instrument measures spatially resolved Earth radiance in two channels, Solar reflected and thermal emitted with target uncertainties of 1% and 0.5 % respectively. NPL provided black bodies and a lamp illuminated spectral radiance standard (TSARS). In the latter case the uncertainty required was significantly lower than was being provided to any other customer.


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