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Fully Optimised and Reliable EmissionS Tool (FOREST)

FOREST aims to respond to the growing demand of forest carbon stakeholders for trusted, fully integrated and cost effective Measuring Reporting Verification (MRV) service components, enabling forest carbon projects and initiatives to achieve carbon goals, i.e. emission reduction and/or stock enhancement. Maps of Forest area, change, degradation, structure and biomass are being developed over forest demonstration sites in Africa and South America using several innovative techniques with high resolution optical and radar satellite data as well as a global land surface model, Orchidee.

NPL's role in the FOREST project is to develop and implement a QA framework and methodology that will provide a means for both data providers and users to assess the quality and fitness-for-purpose of the products being delivered as part of this or any MRV service. Further, NPL is developing techniques to assess the end-to-end traceability and quality of satellite-derived biophysical parameters that are used in the development of tropical forest products provided within this MRV service.

FOREST is funded by the EIT-KIC

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