National Physical Laboratory

Mission Statement: Earth Observation & Climate

We aim to continue to develop and apply accurate measurement techniques, standards and uncertainty analysis in the areas of earth observation of the environment and climate monitoring. This includes:

  • Being at the forefront of the metrology communities' efforts to support the needs of the earth observation and climate community
  • Providing SI traceability for pre-flight and post-launch calibration of satellite sensors as well as similarly traceable calibration services for other remote sensing instrumentation (in-situ/aircraft)
  • Advising on and participating in the development and design of new remote sensing instrumentation
  • Providing traceability and uncertainty analysis right through the earth observation processing chain to end products such as climate data records
  • Providing research and validation services for the Earth Observation community that span the full electromagnetic spectrum of interest, with the aim of improving earth observation measurements
Last Updated: 12 Nov 2015
Created: 9 Oct 2015


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