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The Earth Observation, Climate and Optical scientists research a wide range of areas relating to the application of metrology to Earth Observation, from the calibration of optical instruments to the uncertainty analysis of biophysical products.
  • NPL has and continues to develop a range of black bodies for use as transfer standards.
  • Field instruments, such as GRASS, provide the in-situ data to validate the satellite measurements.
  • Earth Observation satellites are the main source of global data about the Earth, it is essential that satellite performance can be validated, and in some cases calibrated, using ground targets calibrated directly by in-situ measurements and local surveys. A novel approach to this problem is being developed at NPL using a remote controlled helicopter.
  • The radiance calibration of a spectrometer requires a large area, uniform source of known radiance. NPL has developed a range of new radiance transfer standards specifically targeted to meet these requirements, known as the Transfer Standard Absolute Radiance Source (TSARS).


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