National Physical Laboratory

Non-contact Dimensional Measurements

Vision CMM (VCMM)

Vision inspection machines make it possible to measure complex, precisely fabricated items and materials such as automotive and aerospace components, printed circuit boards, microelectronic circuits and features that cannot be accessed by conventional contact type machines and gauges.

Measurements can be obtained from thin or soft workpieces; and brittle, elastic or moving parts can be measured accurately and quickly, as the measurement technique is neither invasive nor destructive. NPL offers a range of services devoted to supporting non-contact dimensional measurements including:

  • The supply of NPL non-contact two-dimensional grid plates, optical dimensional standards and photomasks
  • Calibration of reference artefacts using NPL's High Precision X-Y non-contact measuring machines
  • Verification services for industrially based two-dimensional systems and machines


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Last Updated: 31 Jul 2017
Created: 1 Feb 2011


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