National Physical Laboratory

Dimensional Products & Services

Dimensional metrologists at NPL provide a wide range of services, facilities and expertise to support UK manufacturing, science and the metrology community.

As well as offering measurement services to customers, the group also undertakes research work necessary to support, maintain and develop these services and standards. This places the group in the unique position of having direct access to national standards and calibration equipment of the highest calibre, as well as having a wide range of expertise high-accuracy dimensional measurement.

The Dimensional group has a wide range of equipment including coordinate measuring machines, surface profilometers, interferometers, scanning probe microscopes as well as bespoke instruments designed and built at NPL. This equipment and expertise are available to customers through the use of measurement and consultancy services.

Training & Consultancy

The Dimensional Group at NPL offers a wide range of consultancy services. For more information, please email


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