National Physical Laboratory

Composites processing

NPL's Composites processing programme focuses on the development of validated measurement procedures for future standardisation for processing thermoset and thermoplastic polymer matrix composites.

Composites processing facilities

  • Liquid composite moulding equipment (resin transfer moulding, vacuum infusion)
  • Prepreg processing
  • Lay-up room
  • Online process monitoring
  • High temperature oven (500 °C)
  • Preform characterisation test rigs (in-plane permeability, through-thickness permeability, compressibility)
  • Resin characterisation
  • Thermal analysis
  • Rheology

Current research

  • Investigation of novel measurement techniques to improve the embedded quality and durability of composite materials during manufacture (National Measurements System funded project)


Last Updated: 18 Dec 2017
Created: 18 Nov 2015


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