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Composite panel and specimen manufacture

Autoclave fabrication of composite laminates
Autoclave fabrication of composite

Autoclave fabrication of composite laminates

NPL has a pressure autoclave manufacturing facility for the production of fibre reinforced pre-impregnated flat test panels and small-scale components to customer specifications.

  • Pecquet Tesson Autoclave operating up to 10 bar and 200 °C

  • Standard panel sizes 600 x 300 mm or 300 x 300 mm, custom panels made to order

  • The autoclave has recently been modified to enable the use of embedded fibre optics, dielectric sensors and thermocouples for component strain measurement and cure monitoring

  • Manufacture of reference laminated panels with simulated defects and inclusions for ultrasonic C-Scan and pulse thermography inspection.
Autoclave fabrication of composite laminates

Laminates can be fabricated according to NPL in-house procedures, customer specifications or to standards such as ISO 1268 Part 4.

Specimen manufacture

A range of composite test specimens can be machined using cutting (diamond grit coated circular saws), milling, routing and hole drilling operations. Specimens can also be end-tabbed where required.


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