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Composite Design, Modelling and Software

NPL has expertise in the design and modelling of a vast range of materials and structures including composites and polymeric materials.

  • Finite element analysis

    Finite element analysis (FEA) is a modelling tool that is now widely used in the design of new products. It can also be used to investigate failures in existing components. The materials research area within NPL has routinely used FEA for a range of applications such as:
    • modelling deformation behaviour
    • predicting stess/strain concentrations (including failure studies)
    • assessing the validity of test specimens/procedures
    • a tool to assess the effect of geometric or material changes

For more information, please contact Mike Gower

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  • Predict Software

    As damage initiation and growth and its effect on laminate properties are very important mechanisms prior to laminate failure, NPL has developed a software system known as PREDICT, which is an additional module to CoDA. PREDICT uses fibre and matrix properties, or ply properties, to predict the loading conditions for which ply cracks may form and grow across the laminate, and it can predict subsequent progressive cracking. General symmetric laminates may be considered subject to general in-plane loading, and the important effects of thermal residual stresses are considered.

    For more information, please contact Neil McCartney
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