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The Composites and Polymeric Materials Group use a broad range of measurement technology to understand material behaviour, supporting businesses of all sizes.

NPL offers expertise in composites, polymeric materials and adhesives from materials characterisation and design to performance testing and failure analysis. NPL's testing, measurement and consultancy services are available to industry from the earliest stages of product design to performance analysis after years in service.

NPL offers tailored polymer and composites testing and measurement solutions for both monolithic and joined (bolted and bonded) structures, and technical advice on national and international standards. It is able to assist industry through its consultancy and testing services from nanoscale measurements to large structures, from cryogenic to extremely high temperatures.

NPL has experience in developing finite element models for plastics, adhesives and composites.

Measurement and consultancy


For more information:

Composites: Mike Gower
Adhesives: Bill Broughton
Polymeric Materials: Tony Maxwell
Thermal Analysis: Sam Gnaniah


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