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Total emissions of biogenic carbon into the atmosphere are considered to be approximately ten times larger than the sum of all anthropogenic emissions. The most abundant components in these emissions are isoprene, α-pinene, β-pinene, Δ3-carene, camphene and myrcene. These components play a central role in the oxidation processes in the atmosphere and in the formation of particles.

The accurate measurement of these components is essential to underpin the need to quantify the emission rates of isoprene and monoterpenes in the atmosphere. These measurements are crucially dependent on traceable gas standards, and NPL offers the following terpene standards:

Four-component terpene mixture

A mixture of the following monoterpenes and terpenoids at amount fractions of 2 nmol/mol:

(+/-)-α-pinene (+)-3-carene
1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) R-(+)-limonene

33-component ozone precursor and terpene mixture

This mixture contains all the compounds in the 30-component ozone precursor mixture, as well as (+/-)-α-pinene, (+/-)-β-pinene and R-(+)-limonene. The mixture is available at a range of amount fractions from 2 to 10 nmol/mol.

Bespoke terpene mixtures

Bespoke mixtures containing a range of terpenes are also available at amount fractions from 2 to 100 nmol/mol. Examples of the terpenes that can be included in these mixtures are listed below. Other components may be included on request and these terpenes can also be combined with other ozone precursors and BTEX components.

(+/-)-α-pinene (+/-)-β-pinene (+)-3-carene
1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) Limonene Myrcene
Camphor p-cymene cis-ocimene


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