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Metrology for Biogas


Metrology for Biogas

To support the use of green gas, the European Commission has issued mandate M/475 to CEN (The European Organization for Standardization) concerning the specifications for biogas and biomethane for injection into natural gas grids and for use as transport fuel. This mandate was issued to facilitate the market penetration of biomethane through the development of a European Standard for a quality specification for biomethane.

The EMRP (European Metrology Research Programme) Metrology for Biogas project aims to develop and validate traceable methods for determining key impurities, moisture, particulates, calorific value, and density in biogas in order to meet the requirements of this quality specification.

Project overview

A short summary of the project is available on the EMRP website, and additional information is contained in this poster Adobe Acrobat PDF file

The structure of the project, which runs from June 2014 to May 2017, is shown in the schematic diagram below:

Metrology for Biogas project structure

NPL's activities

NPL's main roles in the project are:

  • Preparation and validation of novel standards of siloxanes at parts-per-billion levels
  • Development of a GC-ICP-MS method to measure total silicon in biogas
  • Assessing the stability of mixtures of sulphur-containing compounds with water in synthetic biogas
  • Development of a traceable analysis method and reference gas standards for the analysis of parts-per-billion levels of ammonia in biogas
  • Preparation and validation of standards of HCl in synthetic biogas
  • Provision of traceable standards of synthetic biogas to support the development of a calorimeter for the direct measurement of biogas
  • Leading the 'Impact' workpackage of the project

Project website

EMRP Metrology for Biogas website

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