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Gas standards for atmospheric monitoring

Gas standards for atmospheric monitoring

Traceable, accurate and stable gas standards for high impact greenhouse gases and other related components are required to develop our understanding of the increasing influence of human activity on the global atmosphere, address the effects of climate change and provide the basis for stable and comparable measurements of these gases.

NPL provides gas standards for calibrating a range of ambient atmospheric analysers, including cavity ring-down spectrometers, tunable diode laser absorption spectrometers, mid-infrared absorption spectrometers or gas chromatographs. Gas mixtures can be prepared in a matrix of whole or synthetic air. The table below gives an indication of the available mixtures; others may be available on request.

Component Matrix gas Approximate amount fraction
Methane Air 1.8 μmol/mol
Carbon dioxide Air 380 μmol/mol
Carbon monoxide Air 100 nmol/mol


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Last Updated: 16 Jun 2016
Created: 23 Sep 2013


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