National Physical Laboratory

Material Properties

NPL offers many channels of support and advice for industry. Companies can help to steer the materials research via industrial advisory groups, benefiting from contact with technical experts and implementing new technology. The research activities, which are largely supported by research programmes, involve considerable interaction and input with UK industry.

You can become involved through joining specific networks relevant to your business, by taking advantage of our range of measurement expertise, and by proposing new collaborative research projects focused on your needs.

  • NPL has a worldwide reputation for measurement and modelling in environment induced cracking and localised corrosion and the research is being sustained in projects on power generation and oil and gas production.
  • NPL's research into the durability of materials.
  • Magnetic measurements can be carried out at NPL on a wide variety of magnetic instruments and materials.
  • NPL research is focused on developing advanced test methods from miniaturised to large-scale testing on a diverse range of materials.
  • Reliable characterisation of the rheological behaviour of materials is important for for the development of new materials, design of processes, and for quality control of materials in production.
  • Thermodynamics research at NPL.


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