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Corrosion example: Stress corrosion cracking of brass

Gateway to Expertise

The National Corrosion Service (NCS) provides a Gateway to Expertise on many aspects of materials degradation.

Because of its major impact on the economy, corrosion continues to figure prominently in the remit of this service.

A wide range of NCS products and services, as well as publications, including the very popular Corrosion Guides, is available.

Advice can now be obtained from the experts at NPL, and other sources, on problems resulting from a wide range of deterioration mechanisms, including the effects of wear, fatigue and high temperature exposure, and other processes specific to polymers, composites and ceramics. Click here for a list of contacts and services that cover a variety of requirements.

National Corrosion Service publications

National Corrosion Service products and services

  • Corrosion control has a positive effect on business and should be audited regularly. Loss of control can have severe consequences.
  • Users of paints - and any other products containing organic solvents - will soon face a further change in the regulations governing the release of solvent into the atmosphere.
  • The importance of corrosion control - it is of paramount importance that the Oil and Gas industry provides a constant supply of its products to users whilst managing the impact on the environment and complying with stringent safety targets.


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