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Annual MTDATA Users Group Meeting

The meeting will feature talks from NPL staff about the latest MTDATA developments and future plans along with presentations from industrial and academic users.

The MTDATA Users Group is a club for current and prospective users of MTDATA. There is no membership fee but a small charge is made for attending a Users Group meeting. These are held annually at NPL, in November, during which users are able to meet each other and hear about new features and future development plans. Presentations by industrial and academic users, illustrating the practical applications of MTDATA, are also featured.

Recent meetings, for example, have included talks and posters entitled:

  • Ladle Degassing: Linking CFD with MTDATA
    Mansour Al-Harbi (University of Leicester)

  • Existing databases - a possible source for generating new thermochemical data and a means of validating existing data
    Professor Don Jenkins (University of Warwick)

  • The need for thermochemical data in the lighting industry
    Stuart Mucklejohn (Consultant)

  • Advanced Gas Purification technology for IGCC Plants
    Cedric Charpenteau (Imperial College)

  • Modelling of Oxide Systems and Industrial Applications
    Pekka Taskinen (Outokumpu) and John Gisby (NPL)

  • The Role of Experimental Data in the Construction of Thermodynamic Databases
    Andy Watson (Leeds University)

  • Modelling Calcium Silicate Hydrate Gels in Cement Systems
    Mark Tyrer (Imperial College) and John Gisby (NPL)

A comprehensive list of past external speakers at MTDATA Users Group Meetings Adobe pdf file

For more information, please contact Jim Robinson