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Materials chemistry, thermodynamic and phase equilibrium calculations and consultancy

Material chemistry

The Thermodynamics Group at NPL offers a range of services to allow users to maximise the benefits from using modelling software such as MTDATA.

Practical assistance with calculations

This is provided under MTDATA’s optional annual support service. In addition to access to updates of software and thermodynamic databases, user assistance with performing calculations is also offered.

Data assessments for new systems

Bespoke thermodynamic databases for use with our MTDATA software can be developed under a consultancy either for single organisations or via a collaborative arrangement. We are able to this for a wide range of material types - click here for an example relating to oxides.

Support for linking MTDATA to 3rd party software

Licensing the MTDATA Application Programming Interface (API) from NPL extends the power of MTDATA. This allows calls to MTDATA routines to be made from users' own software or many 3rd party codes. We are able to provide a service that ranges from extended user support in API use to the development of turnkey applications specific to the customers requirements.

Bespoke thermodynamic modelling and investigations

This provides a comprehensive consultancy service in thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations that may include assessment of new thermodynamic data, specific calculations and interpretation of results. This can be done for users and non-users of MTDATA and may provide a cost-effective solution for organisations that do not wish to license MTDATA or need additional assistance from NPL

Annual Users Group meeting

The MTDATA Users Group is a club for current and prospective users of MTDATA. There is no membership fee, but a small charge is made for attending a meeting - see MTDATA Users Group webpage.


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