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Aircraft engine NPL develops MTDATA, a software package for the calculation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties in multicomponent multiphase systems, using critically assessed thermodynamic data. It has numerous applications in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, materials science, and geochemistry depending only on the data available. The thermodynamic models necessary to describe the properties of a wide range of phase types are incorporated in the software and database structures.

NPL provides a range of high quality thermodynamic databases which have been developed over a number of years in collaboration with industrial and academic partners worldwide. These databases cover an extensive range of material types including light alloys, steels, ceramics, glasses, slags, mattes, salts, polymers, aqueous solutions and gases. These databases can be used with MTDATA to predict the chemical species and phases likely to form at equilibrium in the types of system of greatest industrial interest - those containing large numbers of chemical elements - and so provide a valuable guide to the solution of many industrial problems. Organisations can license MTDATA and relevant databases for their own use, and this is supported by NPL through the provision of customer support and regular training courses.

In addition to licensing MTDATA, NPL expertise in applying thermodynamics to the solution of practical industrial problems is available to customers.

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