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Exposure, environmental stress cracking

Environmental exposure 

Today's marketplace demands product reliability. At the same time, it places ever-increasing demands on products that push the limits of their life-expectancy and performance. Whether you are a high-volume manufacturer of consumer items or an end-user requiring failure analysis, NPL has the expertise and technology to meet your needs, providing technical assistance with material selection and failure analysis. We have extensive facilities for assessing environment stress cracking resistance and surface characterisation of polymers and coatings. Reporting is extensive and includes discussion as to how the conclusions have been reached and suggestions as to how problems can be rectified. Testing is conducted, wherever possible, in accordance with recognised national and international standards.

Extensive test work is conducted for multinational consumer manufacturers to assist them with material selection. Ensuring that their products are resistant to environmental stress cracking and providing them with the confidence they need to put their products into the marketplace. Technical assistance is also provided to service-providers such as the transport and utility companies who we can assist with maintenance issues helping them to minimise downtimes and maintain the highest possible service levels.

Test Facilities

Environment stress cracking

  • Constant load and displacement tests
  • Slow stain rate tests, loads up to 25 kN
  • Fatigue testing
  • Tests can be conducted at elevated temperatures in gases and liquids

Surface characterisation

  • Surface imaging (SEM, AFM)
  • Hardness and modulus measurement (nanoindentation)
  • Scratch testing
  • Coating adhesion
  • Infrared surface analysis (ATR-FTIR)


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