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snow covered shipMaterials subjected to extreme weather conditions in service 

"How long will it last?" is one of the most commonly asked questions and one of the most difficult to answer.

Whilst the life expectancy of products has traditionally been predicted from previous in-service experience, the use of materials in more demanding applications requires a far better understanding of the failure mechanisms that determine a component's life expectancy.

NPL's aims are to develop the test methodologies and models that are required to avoid the catastrophic consequences that can result from the failure of materials in a wide range of different commercial applications.

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Durability research

  • NPL has a world-wide reputation for measurement and modelling in environment induced cracking and localised corrosion and the research is being sustained in projects on power generation and oil and gas production.
  • Introduction to High temperature research at NPL.
  • NPL is seeking to increase the use of plastics in more demanding environments through the development and standardisation of new test methods.
  • NPL Activities are focussed on developing methods that will help UK industry to evaluate and solve their friction and wear problems.