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Evil on the Internet

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Recorded: 23 September 2010

Speaker: Richard Clayton, University of Cambridge

Related: University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

There's a lot of evil things on the Internet if you know where to look for them.

Phishing websites collect banking credentials; mule recruitment websites entice people into money laundering; fake escrow sites defraud the winners of online auctions; fake banks hold the cash for fake African dictators; and there are even Ponzi scheme websites where (almost) everyone knows that they're a scam.

This talk will show you live examples of these sites, explain how they work, and tell you what little we currently know about the criminals who operate them.

Richard Clayton is a security researcher in the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. He's been studying wickedness on the Internet for years; be it spam, unintentional DDoS attacks, or phishing. He is collaborating with NPL, and spending half his time in Teddington, in a project that will develop robust and accurate measurements of Internet security mechanisms.

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