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Electrification of vehicle powertrains


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Recorded: 16 April 2014

Speaker: Gregory Offer

Gregory Offer gives a summary of the research undertaken by his group and the broader electric and hybrid vehicle network at Imperial College London. He then presents recently published work on developing a fuel cell supercapacitor passive hybrid demonstration system which was showcased on the BBC last summer providing power for one of his PhD students playing electric guitar on Blue Peter.

The work demonstrates the approach of the group, which is to do research in both the fundamental scientific understanding of electrochemical devices; fuel cells, batteries, and supercapacitors, and also the systems engineering of integrating these devices into automotive and energy storage applications, and hence bridge the gap between the scientists and engineers. The passive hybrid demonstrates how an advanced knowledge of the behaviour of the electrochemical components and how their impedances changes as a function of state and how this affects their interaction with the components around them, enables robust and flexible systems to be designed without the need for excessive control and power electronics.

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Created: 16 Apr 2014


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