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A non-contact, tactile probe for miniature co-ordinate measuring machines

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Recorded: 27th September 2012

Speakers: James Claverley

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The concept of a vibrating tactile probe for miniature co-ordinate measuring machines will be presented. Current miniature CMM probing technology is limited by several factors including: the reduced size of the parts to be measured, the use of novel and delicate materials for manufacturing, and the need for lower uncertainties of measurement.

The solution developed at NPL is a novel, silicon-free triskelion (three-legged) MEMS flexure structure assembled with a sphere-tipped micro-stylus. An overview of the design and modelling of the probe will be presented reported along with a description of the manufacturing routes, assembly solutions developed, operation and metrological characterisation methods.

Some preliminary results from experimental will also be presented, proving that the probe is also capable of operating in a non-contact mode.

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