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Vacuum (provided through SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)


In recent years the National Metrology Institutes within Europe have developed an ever-closer degree of cooperation to allow them to best represent the metrology interests of their respective countries.

In the spirit of this cooperation the UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) have strengthened their already close relationship with the transfer of NPL's vacuum standards to Sweden. Following the transfer SP will now provide the resources necessary to maintain primary standard traceability in the vacuum range and provide calibration services to customers in the UK, Sweden and elsewhere.

Under the transfer agreement SP have agreed to deliver a level of performance and service to NPL's former customers that at least matches what was previously available.

SP is the Swedish National Metrology Institute for almost all quantities and is known for having a high degree of customer service and short delivery times. Normally a calibration has a turnaround time of one week but can in specific cases also be done in shorter time.


Calibration Bookings:
Viktoria Jonasson tel: +46 10 516 56 39

Technical Queries:
Måns Ackerholm tel: +44 20 8943 7070

NPL Pressure Enquiries:
Customer Service tel: +44 20 8943 7070

Last Updated: 1 Feb 2011
Created: 1 Feb 2011


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