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Micro or nano-scale surface features

Metrological AFM
The NPL Metrological Atomic Force
Microscope (MAFM)

NPL provides a one-stop service for the characterisation of the form and texture of surfaces through our extensive range of facilities. NPL designed instruments, such as the Areal Instrument, Metrological Atomic Force Microscope (MAFM) and NanoSurf IV, provide the highest level of accuracy and direct traceability to the metre. In addition to these unique capabilities an extensive range of commercial instruments including a Taylor Hobson scanning white light interferometer, an Alicona InfiniteFocus microscope and Olympus LEXT confocal microscope, are available to support our customers. Flatness can be measured optically using Fizeau and Zygo interfereometers.

Further information on Optical Flatness

To assist customers with worldwide acceptability of their own measurements, NPL delivers traceable calibrations of artefacts, such as pitch and height standards. These measurements are based on the purpose built Areal (3D), Metrological Atomic Force Microscope (MAFM) and NanoSurf IV instruments.

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