National Physical Laboratory

Specialist measurements of fixtures wear

Improved quality using specialist measurement techniques to assess fixture wear.

Reducing downtime through offline programming

NPL Huddersfield provided the customer with independent verification of in-use wear of fixtures. This helped the customer improve the quality of their products, whilst saving time and money.

The challenge

A customer approached NPL Huddersfield to perform an assessment of the wear criteria for fixtures and gauges. They needed a measurement strategy that incorporated knowledge of how the components work, how they can be measured, and how they can be monitored for wear over time.

The solution

NPL solved the customer's issue by measuring their components to first principles against their product drawings. The components were also measured with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). NPL then provided the customer with the CMM data so they could use it in their statistical process control package.

The impact

NPL's measurements enabled the customer to improve the quality and lifetime of their products, as well as saving them time and money that would have been wasted on lesser measurement strategies.


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Last Updated: 16 Oct 2014
Created: 17 Nov 2010


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