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Seeing the effects of loading stress

NPL Huddersfield used optical measurement to identify deformities in a stainless steel bolt for TEi, a leading engineering construction organisation.

A stainless steel bolt being measured by NPL Huddersfield's Hexagon Metrology Optiv Classic 321GL Optical CMM
A stainless steel bolt being measured by NPL Huddersfield's
Hexagon Metrology Optiv Classic 321GL Optical CMM

TEi contacted NPL Huddersfield to determine whether there were any unexpected deviations in the thread, caused through loading in service.

The NPL Huddersfield team used a Hexagon Metrology Optiv Classic 321GL Optical CMM to make the required measurements using its camera system. This allowed for a quick alignment, fast scanning and easy evaluation of the measurement data.

NPL Huddersfield has access to a wide range of measuring equipment which allows the metrology team to consider alternative approaches to any measurement challenge and to select the best method for each measurement challenge.

Optical metrology was chosen as it is a relatively quick, reliable and straightforward method for identifying deformities in components.

Lee Millar, Metallurgist at TEi said:

"NPL's measurement of the bolt thread pitch and the angle of the thread form were to an appropriately high degree of accuracy required by TEi. The results formed part of a wider investigation and were critical in evidencing a lack of any trend in minor variations of thread pitch along the length of the thread. Ultimately there was no evidence to suggest the bolt had yielded."

James Boyman of Hexagon Metrology said:

"The high accuracy and zoom lens of the OPTIV system used at NPL ideally lends itself to applications such as this dimensional assessment process in a quick and simple set-up. NPL's experience in recognising the best measurement solution affords local businesses an ideal opportunity to understand the methods and technology whilst having the support of the world's best experts' experience. We place significant value on the relationship with NPL, and look forward to continual mutual benefit."

The NPL Huddersfield Laboratory (located in the University of Huddersfield's 3M Buckley Innovation Centre) specialises in precision measurement of components and assemblies and the provision of measurement advice and support to manufacturing industries.

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