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Reducing downtime through offline programming

Writing CMM programmes to verify rotating, safety critical, engine parts.

Reducing downtime through offline programming

A leading aerospace engine manufacturer based in the UK approached NPL Huddersfield to provide independent verification of third party CMM (coordinate measuring machine) programmes.

NPL verified the programmes to ensure they met best practice, standards, provided robust measurements, and an appropriate quality audit trail.

The challenge

The customer needed independent verification of their programmes, but wanted to avoid costly machine downtime.

The solution

NPL offered the customer a complete measurement package, comprising first principles measurements, writing and installation of offline programmes, correlation and analysis of the third party programmes, and identification and resolution of any measurements that didn't correlate.

The project was delivered on time by NPL's highly skilled measurement experts who offered a flexible solution that met the customer's changing needs.

The impact

NPL's independent verification enabled the customer to:

  • Reduce scrap, through improved measurement
  • Meet their regulatory and in-house quality requirements
  • Have increased confidence in their measurement practices
  • Incorporate best measurement practice in their organisation
  • Ensure non-conforming components are correctly identified


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Last Updated: 16 Oct 2014
Created: 17 Nov 2010


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