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Measurement to improve passenger vehicle performance

Improved measurement strategy enables customer to improve automotive products.

Measurement to improve passenger vehicle performance

NPL Huddersfield helped a customer measure an automotive component, and provided them with 3D modelling data which allowed them to perform finite element analysis of the part. This enabled the customer to better understand their component and improve their product development.

The challenge

An automotive manufacturer approached NPL with a turbo charger (blisk) that they were unable to measure in-house. Turbo chargers improve car performance by supplying compressed air to the fuel mixture, and as such they are complex machined components.

The customer needed a reliable, independent verification of the component's dimensions to ensure it would deliver the best possible performance enhancement.

The solution

The customer approached NPL Huddersfield due to our extensive expertise in measuring aerospace turbine blades, as these kinds of measurements are transferable to turbo charger components.

NPL's highly skilled measurement experts used a scanning coordinate measuring machine technique (on a Mitutuyo CMM) to output the measurements of the turbo charger into a 3D modelling package.

This data was then provided to the customer so they could perform finite element analysis of the component. It would have been impossible for the customer to do this without having the full 3D measurement that NPL performed.

The impact

The improved measurement strategy NPL delivered to the customer enabled them to:

  • Understand their component in terms of actual 3D data
  • Improve the design and performance of the component

The improved component itself will be able to rotate faster, and therefore maximise engine performance, as well as reducing the vehicle's CO2 emissions, and extending engine life.


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Last Updated: 16 Oct 2014
Created: 22 Dec 2010


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