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Innovative measurements to protect patients

Developing measurement techniques for small-scale medical components.

Innovative measurements to protect patients
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A large medical device company supplying over 50 countries approached NPL Huddersfield to perform measurement verification on a small component. NPL's highly skilled staff quickly developed an ingenious measurement strategy to measure the part to the required tolerance.

The challenge

A customer came to NPL Huddersfield with an injection-moulded blood vial that needed to be independently verified to comply with safety regulations.

The measurements NPL needed to make were safety-critical as the vial is used during patient blood sampling, where poor measurement could lead to the vial leaking and pose health risks or contamination of the blood sample.

The solution

NPL delivered a bespoke measurement strategy to the customer within 1 week of receiving the part to measure.

The impact

NPL's independent verification of the part enabled the customer to meet regulatory requirements, and safeguards all patients who use these blood vials.


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Last Updated: 16 Oct 2014
Created: 22 Dec 2010


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