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Bespoke measurement training

Bespoke measurement training

NPL offers a flexible, affordable training programme to improve our customers' measurement skills.

NPL's measurement training programmes enhance the skills of our customers' workforce. This is particularly important when critical craft skills are being lost through staff retiring or through company restructuring.

The challenge

The introduction of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) has led to a loss of traditional first principles measurement skills in many workplaces.

In turn, this lack of understanding of traditional measurement techniques can hinder an operator's proper use of a CMM.

The solution

NPL provides a way of quickly and effectively training people in measurement skills. We avoid apprenticeship-style timescales (~5 years) and instead offer short, bespoke courses that deliver the kind of skills needed in any sector that uses measurement.

The impact

NPL training can enhance a workforce's measurement skills, enabling them to work together better to deliver: improved levels of quality assurance; more effective problem solving; right first time programme writing; and enhanced credibility during the sales process.

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Last Updated: 8 Apr 2016
Created: 17 Nov 2010


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