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NPL's goal is to deliver substantial benefits to the UK's prosperity and quality of life from regional hubs.

We aim to make the UK's measurement infrastructure accessible across the UK. NPL's goal is to deliver substantial benefits to the UK's prosperity and quality of life from its main laboratory in Teddington and through its regional hubs.

Through collaboration with our partner universities, NPL is working to establish regional hubs that will substantially increase both the volume of measurement research in the UK and the impact of the UK national measurement infrastructure on the UK's prosperity and quality of life.

This will be achieved through collaborative research in the regional hubs, delivering excellent science in complementary areas where there is potential for strong regional, industrial and innovation engagement.

Each hub will be hosted by a lead university within the region and will have three principal components: joint research programmes, postgraduate support, and an industry facing knowledge exchange centre.

Our approach encompasses common objectives and a set of activities for each hub that allows the hubs to develop and expand inclusively with other Academic, Innovation and Designated Institutes; thus fulfilling the different requirements of the region.

NPL is working towards establishing four regional hubs:

  • NPL Scotland (host university - Strathclyde)
  • NPL South of England (host university - Surrey)
  • NPL North of England (host university - Huddersfield) - currently NPL Huddersfield
  • NPL East of England (host university - Cambridge)

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For further information on NPL's regional hub activity, or to discuss a potential collaboration in this domain, please contact Lisa Leonard

NPL Huddersfield lab

NPL Huddersfield

NPL Huddersfield specialises in dimensional inspection and measurement of complex components and assemblies, CMM programming, and bespoke measurement training and consultancy at the University of Huddersfield.


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