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Where can I find a list of force measurement documents and standards? (FAQ - Force)

ASTM E 74, 2006, Calibration of Force-Measuring Instruments for Verifying the Force Indication of Testing Machines

The purpose of this practice is to specify procedures for the calibration of force-measuring instruments. Procedures are included for the following types of instruments:

  • elastic force-measuring instruments
  • force-multiplying systems, such as balances and small platform scales

This practice is intended for the calibration of static force measuring instruments. It is not applicable for dynamic or high speed force calibrations, nor can the results of calibrations performed in accordance with this practice be assumed valid for dynamic or high speed force measurements.

BS EN ISO 376, 2004, Metallic materials – Calibration of force–proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines

This Standard covers the calibration of force-proving instruments used for the static verification of uniaxial testing machines (e.g. tension / compression testing machines) in accordance with BS EN ISO 7500-1, and describes a procedure for classifying these instruments. A force proving instrument is defined as the whole assembly including the transducer and the indicator. The Standard generally applies to instruments in which the force is determined by measuring the elastic deformation of a loaded member or a quantity which is proportional to it.

The Standard includes two informative Annexes. Annex A gives examples of dimensions of force transducers and corresponding loading fittings and Annex B gives additional information on overload tests, bearing pad tests, and temperature corrections.

EA-10/04, 1996, Uncertainty of Calibration Results in Force Measurements

Previously designated EAL-G22 and EA-4/15, this document was produced to improve the harmonisation in determination of uncertainties in force measurements. It provides information on measurement capabilities achieved by force calibration machines and gives guidance to calibration laboratories to establish a procedure for the expression of the overall uncertainty of calibration results of force transducers for calibrations performed according to EN 10002-3 (now superseded by BS EN ISO 376).

VDI/VDE 2638, 1989, Kenngrößen für Kraftaufnehmer; Begriffe und Definitionen (Characteristic data of force transducers; terms and definitions)

Establishes uniform terms and definitions restricted to force transducers. It has two main sections: Criteria for metrological evaluation of force transducers, which lists the characteristic features important for metrological evaluation, and Characteristic data - terms and definitions, which defines all the relevant terms. Reference is made to applicable national and international standards.

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