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How many types of barometer are there? (FAQ - Pressure)

Some barometer measurement principles are listed below; there are bound to be others:

Barometer measurement principles
Moving element Parameter altered by pressure change Measurement method
Mercury column Length of mercury column Mechanical scale and vernier
Capsule/bellows Capsule length
Force on quartz crystal
Frequency counter
Helical quartz Bourdon tube Rotary position of mirror on end of tube
Current required to hold mirror on end of tube to null position
Count rotations of a worm gear
Voltage across a series resistor
Vibrating cylinder Resonant frequency of cylinder Frequency counter
Vibrating crystal Resonant frequency of diaphragm in single-crystal diaphragm/resonator Frequency counter
Metal diaphragm Electrical capacitance between diaphragm and fixed plate Capacitance AC bridge circuit
Other diaphragms Resistance of bonded strain gauge Resistance bridge

Last Updated: 25 Mar 2010
Created: 9 Aug 2007


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