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How do I select gauge blocks to pick a specific size combination? (FAQ - Length)

The gauges to be used for building up a size combination should be determined by the following method. The micrometre (0.001 mm) gauge should be taken first, followed by the hundredth, tenth and millimetre gauges as in the example below

Example -To build up 58.345 mm with a M 112 set

1st gauge  1.005 mm
2nd gauge  1.04  mm
3rd gauge  1.30  mm
4th gauge  5     mm
5th gauge 50     mm

Where protector gauge blocks are provided, these should be wrung to the two end gauges of the size combination and must of course be allowed for in determining the blocks to be used.

Last Updated: 25 Mar 2010
Created: 18 Jul 2007


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