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Do you know of any good dimensional metrology books? (FAQ - Length)

  • Fundamentals of Engineering Nanometrology by Richard Leach

  • Fundamentals of Dimensional Metrology, Third Edition by Ted Busch, Roger Harlow, Richard┬áL┬áThompson

  • Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy by Wayne R Moore

  • Precision Machine Design by Alexander H Slocum

  • Manual of British Standards in Engineering Metrology

  • A History of Engineering Metrology by K J Hume

  • Fundamentals of Touch Trigger Probing by David Coleman and Fred Waters, ISBN 0 9512010 1 8 Touch Trigger Press 1997

  • Industrial Metrology - Surfaces and Roundness by Graham T Smith, ISBN 1 85233 507 6

In addition, NPL produces a range of Good Practice Guides relating to dimensional metrology.

This list is by no means comprehensive and the inclusion or omission of a book from this list is in no way an indication of its suitability.

If you know of any books you feel should be included in the list, please contact David Flack

Last Updated: 17 Mar 2015
Created: 26 Apr 2010


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