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Let's take the quantum leap together

Setting the standard

Quantum technologies are set to transform every industry, from automotive to healthcare, and could add billions to the UK economy. We can help you harness this technological revolution, creating new products and getting them to market more quickly.

NPL is home to cutting-edge research in quantum science. We have a rich heritage in exploring and advancing scientific understanding, and aiding innovation in technologies for industry.

We are building the capability to be a leading centre for test and evaluation for quantum devices and, as the UK's National Measurement Institute, we're committed to helping you make the most of the new opportunities quantum presents. We partner with industry, academia and government – forming collaborations and bringing partners together to help reap the benefits.

When it comes to quantum, we are setting the standard.

Delivering impact for industry

Developments in quantum technologies will make our computers more powerful, increase the security of our communications and dramatically improve our ability to navigate in challenging conditions. They will provide sensors for driverless cars that work in all conditions, accelerate medical diagnosis and potentially save millions in utilities maintenance.

NPL's work in quantum science enables the translation of quantum technologies and materials into practical applications, accelerating the commercialisation of new products based on these systems.

By working with NPL, industry partners are able to explore the possibilities of quantum technologies, develop new products, solve problems and test new methods.

Partnering with NPL enables you to:

  • Design, develop and demonstrate new products based on quantum technology
  • Build greater understanding of the potential impact of quantum technologies on your industry
  • Access our knowledge, expertise and experiences to accelerate commercialisation
  • Work with the team at our leading centre on testing and evaluation for quantum devices

Our work with industry, academic partners and government helps to advance the application of quantum physics and materials, to unlock new possibilities.

We help industry partners prepare for the change that quantum will bring to their business and the world.

Shaping the future

Our world-leading scientists are continually developing new innovations based on quantum science.

We develop new quantum-based measurement instruments with real-world applications, feed our inventions into companies for commercialisation and offer testing and verification services.

NPL also aims to inspire and develop the scientists of tomorrow. We provide career development and educational opportunities – hosting placements for PhDs, work placements, and fellowships. We engage the next generation through our national outreach programme – delivering science communication and public engagement activities, talks at universities and businesses, and share our knowledge at a wide range of events across the country.

A landmark for quantum

We are building a new centre of excellence in quantum science. Set to open in 2019, the Advanced Quantum Metrology Laboratory (AQML) will expand our leading-edge research in quantum technologies and give us great new possibilities to collaborate with industry, academic partners and within government – to advance scientific discovery in quantum and the commercialisation of new technologies.

Let's build a quantum future together.


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