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The examination and testing of equipment for monitoring airborne radioactive particulate in the workplace.


Woodman, A P, Pottinger, M*, Ryden, D*, Dean, J C J

Measurement Good Practice Guide No. 82, October 2006
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PDB: 4442
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This Good Practice Guide has been written by the UK Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring Users’ Group in collaboration with the radiation user community. It describes recommended procedures for the examination, testing and calibration of air monitoring equipment. Test procedures recommended in this document are not legally binding; they are general methods based on current accepted good practice. The current statutory requirement for air monitoring equipment tests is stated in the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999. All employers who work with ionising radiation must ensure that levels are adequately monitored and that instruments are suitable for this purpose. Although the testing regimes presented here are for general application, Qualified Persons responsible for the calibration of radiation protection instruments may, with the agreement of the Radiation Protection Adviser, modify them as necessary to suit their particular purpose, provided that the employer can demonstrate that the overall quality of the testing is not compromised.

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