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Ultra-short gas-phase Pulsed Corona Discharge Reactor, Assessment of VOC Abatement Performance

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Published: 21 May 2012

Authors: N A Martin, A Lilley , J Tompkins, M Kaju, A Gregor, G Schleining, B McKenna, L Lundberg, G Surzenkov

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Existing contaminant removal systems in the food processing industry (FPI) are of low efficiency, carry substantial capital and operating costs (due to lost energy), and require frequent replacement of extraction system filters. The remaining vapours condense and settle in the ventilation system, cannot be used with heat exchangers, and potentially create a fire hazard in the rapid air flow.

>We report the development of a cost effective alternative prototype for use in the FPI, based on a novel ultra-short gas-phase pulsed corona discharge (PCD) reactor designed for the abatement of gaseous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), some of which are odorous, and particulates.

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