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Three-dimensional characterisation of a novel vibrating tactile probe for miniature CMMs

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Published: 4 April 2013

Authors: J. D. Claverly and R. K. Leach

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This poster presents the characterisation of a novel three dimensional vibrating tactile probe for miniature co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). This novel vibrating probe has been developed to address the main issues associated with tactile probing on the micro-scale.

The vibrating probe is designed to act isotropically, with low probing forces (near zero), and experience minimal effects from the surface interaction forces. In this paper the tests completed to verify the precision of the contact sensing ability of the probe in three dimensions will be described, along with quantification of the isotropy of the probe.

The results will be presented and discussed. Several operational differences between classical static probes for miniature CMMs and the novel vibrating probe developed by NPL will be highlighted. These differences include tip diameter calibration techniques, strategies for use, environmental considerations and logistics.

Finally, the future plans for the! development of the probe will be discussed, especially initial tests to be completed with the probe deployed on a suitable precision CMM for miniature parts

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