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The role of the National Physical Laboratory in monitoring and improving dosimetry in UK radiotherapy

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Published: 1 November 2010

Authors: Russell Thomas, Graham Bass, Martin Kelly, James Manning, Julia Snaith

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As a National Measurement Institute, NPL has the role of maintaining and disseminating the UK's primary standards in various fields to the user communities. Being somewhat removed from the end user may on occasion lead to something of a detachment to the consequences if/when that dosimetry chain fails.

The aim of this poster is to demonstrate how completing the circle from end user back to NMI specifically in terms of audit can assist in the correct implementation of the standards, and allow us to monitor the success or otherwise of the dissemination of the primary standards through Codes of Practice, User Guides and our calibration services. Further, this also allows us to better understand users issues and requirements and build on this to develop further services and consultancies to meet their needs.


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