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Steam Oxidation of Al Slurry coatings deposited on Super 304H, TP347H and TP347HFG

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Published: 29 April 2013

Authors: M. Serafon and A.T. Fry

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The urge to improve power plant effciency by increasing operating steam temperatures >700 °C andpressures >300 bar will signifcantly infuence the performance of materials used for boilers and heat exchanger components by accelerating the oxidation rate and lowering mechanical properties, like for example creep strength and UTS.

Aluminide coatings give good high temperature oxidation resistance and, in the case of Al slurry, the possibility to apply the deposition technique to an industrial scale, on cheaper alloys such as ferritic and austenitics, thus keeping costs low.

As part of the TSB funded project on the Advanced Surface Protection to Enable Carbon Abatement Technologies (ASPECT) project, this poster presents the results of the steam oxidation exposures conducted on a slurry aluminide coating deposited on three austenitic steels, Super304H, TP347H and TP347HFG.

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