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RegeniTherix™: Optimised Wound Healing Through Biomarker Detection in a Novel Thermoreversible Hydrogel Dressing

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Published: 8 March 2012

Authors: Worsley GJ, Attree SL, Knight AE and Horgan AM

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Studies indicate that the current cost of chronic wound management is about 3% of the annual NHS budget circa £3bn. Roughly 80% of this figure is attributed to delayed healing and wound complications, thus the ability to quickly and accurately identify wound type and the underlying wound aetiology is of the utmost importance.

In an effort to provide a more objective means to wound management. The Biotechnology Group has recently completed a successful Technology Strategy Board funded project (entitled RegeniTherix™ - smart scaffolds for optimised wound healing) to develop a novel theranostic wound management system.

Together the components of the RegeniTherixTM system may assist wound repair, allow more efficient and convenient sampling, enable identification of wound imbalances and infection and guide selection of complementary treatments.

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