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Rectification artefacts in the tunable-barrier electron pump

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Published: 9 August 2011

Authors: S P Giblin, J D Fletcher, M Kataoka, D A Ritchie, C A Nicoll, D Anderson and G A C Jones

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NPL has developed a novel form of clock-controlled single electron device - the tunable barrier electron pump.

This is a promising candidate for a quantum current standard and has a demonstrated accuracy better than a few parts per million. In this work, we consider the possibility of errors in these pumps due to classical rectification. This can arise from the combination of parasitic pick-up of the time varying gate signal combined with variations in device conductance during the pumping cycle. We develop and test a model for the rectified current, and show that the errors, for the device tested, are smaller than 1 part in 10^8 of the pump current.

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