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Real time in-situ measurements of diffraction and ferroelectric polarization

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Published: 04 October 2013

Authors: C. Vecchini, J. Wooldridge, M. Stewart, M. Cain, P. Thompson, S. Brown, S. Ryding, R. Cernik, A. Lennie, F. Yuan, C. Tang, P. Manuel, D. Khalyavin

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This poster presents new metrology facilities we are building for simultaneous crystallographic and ferroelectric properties characterization in multifunctional materials.

Ferroelectric materials, used in many actuators, sensors and switches, exhibit high sensitivity to temperature, stress, electric field and history of poling. Comparisons between the crystallography and the ferroelectric polarization are only possible when they are measured simultaneously.

NPL is designing and building, in collaboration with x-ray and neutron large scale facilities around the world, new metrology systems to enable scientists from academia and industry, to investigate and understand the coupling phenomena in ferroelectric and magnetoelectric materials.

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