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Production and Purification of Radiotracer 236gNp for Environmental Applications

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Published: 31 October 2011

Author: Cyrus Larijani

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The majority of the UK's radioactive waste, approximately 95%, originates from the nuclear power industry (Defra, 2004).

This waste occurs not only as a result of the production of nuclear fuel, but also from the operation of nuclear reactors, spent fuel reprocessing, R&D activities and decommissioning of old facilities.

Extract: Regarding yield and purity it is decided that the optimum irradiation condition for production of the radiotracer 236gNp was the irradiation of the 236(d)U target, which yielded the greatest amount of Bq of 236gNp and did so with the highest level of purity in regards to 238Pu.

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