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Multi-scale Imaging of Electrocatalytic Activity

The ability to characterize the electrocatalytic behavior of heterogeneous electrode surfaces on a localised scale is critical to our understanding of interfacial processes and impacts a multitude of applications, ranging from the development of novel sensor devices to energy conversion technologies such as fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) has proven to be a powerful approach to undertaking localised electrochemical measurements and significant advances have been made over the past decade in both spatial resolution and breadth of application.

This poster highlights the latest developments at NPL in the multi-scale electrochemical imaging of surfaces decorated with electrocatalyst materials.

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Published: 01 June 2014

Authors: Andrew J. Wain, Mike A. O'Connell

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Last Updated: 15 Jul 2014
Created: 7 Apr 2014


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