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Multi-frequency characterisation of a chip for microbubble trapping

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Published: 04 October 2013

Authors: Chris Fury, Pierre N Gélat, Philip H Jones, Gianluca Memoli

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The characterisation of a resonant acoustofluidic chip is the first step towards its use for particle trapping. As device complexity increases, however, it becomes more and more difficult to match experimental findings with predictive theory, especially in terms of determining the optimal trapping frequencies and the acoustic pressures acting during manipulation.

In this work, the authors characterise an acoustically actuated microchannel overa relatively large range of frequencies using simultaneously:

  1. laser vibrometry;
  2. finite-elements modelling (FEM);
  3. microscope visual observation.

Comparison with analytical theories (i.e. Lamb, Rayleigh and Love-Kirchhoff dispersion curves) led to a non-invasive method of monitoring the pressure distribution inside the microchannel.

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